MSNBC’s Maddow, Wallace, Reid Rage Against Trump’s Claim of Victory as ‘Autocratic Malarkey’ and a ‘Hee Haw Laugh Track Move’


After President Donald Trump falsely declared he had won the election, claiming victory in several states that had yet to be called, MSNBC’s Rachel MaddowNicolle Wallace, and Joy Reid reacted with outrage, declaring Trump’s comments to be “autocratic malarkey,” a “Hee Haw laugh track,” and legally meaningless “entertainment for his friends on Fox.”

Anchor Brian Williams cut in during the end of Trump’s remarks, saying “We are reluctant to step in but duty bound to point out when he says ‘we did win this election, we’ve already won,’ that’s not based in the facts at all. Again, there are millions of votes yet to be counted, our presidents don’t select our victors.”

Williams brought in MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, who walked through the map in areas like some counties in Pennsylvania, where they had not yet counted a single mail-in ballot.

According to Kornacki, the “big picture in Pennsylvania” was that it looked like there were “upward of 2 million ballots that have not yet been counted,” and Trump’s lead over Joe Biden was “a little bit less than 700,000.” Additionally, the outstanding ballots were “disproportionately Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Montgomery county — Democratic areas,” and Democrats had also shown a higher propensity for voting by mail this year, making it even more likely those votes would break for Biden.

“Looks like a competitive race to me right now,” said Kornacki. “Doesn’t look like a race anybody could call.”

“Looks like a competitive race in which one of the candidates is so afraid of the ultimate tallying of the votes, that he has pulled this ‘Hee Haw’ laugh track move,” said Maddow. “He literally said, ‘We want all the voting to stop. We’ve already won it.'”

Wallace interjected: “But that’s not his position, here’s how you know it’s — still can’t swear, even at 2:35 in the morning — BS: He wants them to keep counting in Arizona.”

“This is straight up autocratic malarkey,” Wallace continued, “and I think that what we have to keep in mind is that he’s not the boss of the counting.”

“People, you cannot say it enough that Donald Trump’s words tonight have absolutely no legal meaning,” said Reid. “They are entertainment for the people who are in that room without masks on who want to be entertained. Entertainment for friends on Fox, people who love him.”

“Donald Trump has no decision making authority over the end of the election,” she continued. “The election ends when all the votes are counted, the votes are being counted, if it takes five days, ten days, doesn’t matter.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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