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James Franco Accusers Speak Out on GMA: ‘Please Just Apologize’

Emotional View Segment Features Deported Man and Family From Viral Video: ‘System Failed Us’

Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis: Trump Wouldn’t Be POTUS ‘If Martin Luther King Had Been Alive’

The View Slams Hannity: ‘How Much Kool-Aid Has Sean Hannity Drunk Before He Drowns?’

ABC News Anchor Elizabeth Vargas Leaving Network After 21 Years

Dan Abrams: Trump Team’s Letter to Congress Complaining About Mueller Feels ‘Like a Stunt’

The View Mocks Kayla Moore Over Cringeworthy Jewish Lawyer Comment: ‘Who Says That?!’

Lewandowski Defends Trump’s Mexicans ‘Are Rapists’ Comment: ‘Not Only is He Not Racist…’

Ana Navarro and Joy Behar Battle Over Franken vs. Moore: ‘You Cannot Cherry Pick Morality!’

Watch The View’s Sunny Hostin Valiantly Fight Her Way Through the One Chip Challenge

WATCH: Jeff Sessions Testifies Before the House Judiciary Committee LIVE STREAM

How to Watch Notre Dame vs. Miami College Football Live Stream Online

Jeff Flake: I Couldn’t Win an Election By Telling the Truth

Meghan McCain and Keith Olbermann Battle Over Who Hurt America More: Bin Laden or Trump

Shaq Hits Charles Barkley While Guest-Hosting Kimmel: ‘A Balder, Fatter Matt Damon’

Here’s What Your Favorite Morning Show Anchors Were Up to For Halloween This Year

The View Destroys Fox News and O’Reilly: ‘Where the Hell Was HR?!’

McCain Again Hits Trump Over Draft Dodge: ‘Certain Americans’ Evaded ‘Their Responsibilities’

Trump Claims Pretty Much Every Outlet But Fox News Is ‘Fake News’: ‘Fiction Writers!’

NFLer Schools Meghan McCain: Protests ‘Not About Disrespecting Military, Anthem’

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