Jake Tapper Shocked and Dismayed At Trump’s ‘Pathetic’ Claims of Corruption: ‘What a Sad Night for the United States of America’


CNN’s Jake Tapper reacted with dismay to President Donald Trump’s wild Thursday evening press conference, and especially the president’s unfounded claims that the election was being stolen, characterizing his comments as the product of a “fevered brain.”

Moments before, Trump had spoken from the White House, telling the nation, “if you count the legal votes, I easily win,” and dropping several baseless conspiracy theories accusing the media and Democrats of stealing the election from him.

After Trump finished his remarks, he left without taking a single question from reporters, and CNN cut back to Tapper and his panel, Dana Bash and Abby Phillip.

“What a sad night for the United States of America to hear their president say that,” said Tapper with a somber and serious tone, “to falsely accuse people of trying to steal the election, to try to attack democracy that way with his feast of falsehoods. Lie after lie after lie about the election being stolen. No evidence for what he’s saying, just smears about the integrity of vote counting in state after state. When he wins the state, it’s legitimate. When he loses, it’s because the vote is being stolen from him. It’s not true. It’s ugly. It’s frankly, pathetic.”

Tapper addressed Trump’s attack on mail-in ballots and the fact that they were coming in strongly favoring Joe Biden, noting that it was not evidence of fraud, but instead “because the president told his supporters not to vote by mail, so Democrats did it overwhelmingly and his supporters turned out in droves on Election Day.”

“We knew that the president was not going to lose graciously, if he lost,” said Tapper, “but frankly, watching him flail like this is just — it’s just pathetic.”

Bash and Phillip offered their own concurring views: Bash called Trump’s speech “not just partisan” but “dangerous,” “nonsensical,” and “illogical,” and Phillip called it “a complete farce and a travesty.”

Tapper then spoke about Trump’s efforts to convince America “that there is this grand conspiracy in every state in the nation to take this election from him.”

However, as Tapper noted, “Not one Republican lost a seat in the House…Republicans held on to the Senate, a tremendous night of success for the Republican Party, so President Trump would have you believe that the elections went great for every Republican in the country almost, except for him.”

“So the diabolical Democrats and Big Money, Big Media, and Big Tech conspired, and we all got together and we decided what we’re going to do is, we’re going to help every Republican win elections across the country, except for Donald Trump. Does that make sense to anybody except for the most fevered brain?”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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