James Carville Goes on Unfiltered Rant Predicting Trump ‘Will Get His Fat Ass Beat’ in 2020 Election


Democratic strategist James Carville predicted that President Donald Trump “will get his fat ass beat” in the 2020 election to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“He’s gonna get his ass beat,” Carville said to John Melendez on The Stuttering John Podcast. “Alright, he’s gonna get his fat ass beat. The question is by how much.”

“If we want to go to the lethargic stuff, blah, blah, blah, worry about this, we can get 290, 295 electoral votes and it’ll change nothing,” Carville continued. “If we go and take it to him and talk about what a massive fat failure he is, we can runaway with this thing. The idea is not to defeat Trump, we have to defeat Trump-ism.”

On May 7, Carville repeated similar sentiments on MSNBC where he claimed Trump’s campaign aides are a “pack of grifters” who know he won’t win the 2020 election and lie about polls to profit off the campaign. He also advocated for the former vice president even before he pulled away with the potential nomination, saying Rep. Jim Clyburn’s endorsement of Biden “literally saved the Democratic party.”

“You don’t have to worry about [Republicans] winning the election,” Carville later said on the podcast. “You have to worry about them rigging it.”

“Trump is weak, he is fat, he is slow, he is being stolen from,” Carville added. “…They’re just sucking off of him. They’re going to steal everything to the last moment. At some level, Trump knows that.”

Watch above, via The Stuttering John Podcast.

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