James Carville Rips ‘Pack of Grifters’ in Trump’s Campaign, Claims They’re Giving President ‘Fake Polls’ to ‘Fleece’ Him


Democratic strategist James Carville called President Donald Trump’s campaign aides a “pack of grifters” who know he won’t win the 2020 election, claiming they’re lying to the president about polls to profit off the campaign.

“Look what his campaign is doing. They’re a pack of grifters,” Carville said on MSNBC Wednesday night. “His campaign manager got two condos, a Ferrari, a yacht, a Range Rover and they’re all just fleecing the campaign. This is all about making money and they’re going in there and giving him fake polls.”

Carville insisted the Trump campaign is a losing battle, and that the president’s aides know it, but are sticking around and lying to him to make money.

“It’s just about making money and they’re going in, they’re giving him fake polls,” he added. “This whole thing is just like a crumbling empire right before your eyes. Everybody is trying to take everything they can get on the way out and they’re trying to prop him up so they all can make money.”

Carville was so confident that Trump will lose the 2020 election, he claimed the only thing that worries him is if the president manages to interfere with the right to vote.

“They were going to lose before this sh*t. They’re just going to lose worse now. And they all know it,” Carville continued, referring to the coronavirus pandemic. “And they’re all getting profiles written of themselves, I saw Blaise Pascal [sic], campaign manager, whatever his name is all over the New York Times Magazine posing for pictures. This whole thing is gone.”

Carville was referring to Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale, who according to HuffPosthas already raked in more than $38 million to his companies through Trump’s reelection committees, and does indeed own the vehicles Carville mentioned.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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