Kamala Harris Says She Prepped to Confront Biden at Debate: ‘I Just Felt the Need to Talk About It’

Sen. Kamala Harris told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt that she had been preparing to confront Joe Biden at the Democratic debates over his comments recalling his work with segregationists.

Harris had a much-talked about confrontation with the former vice president at the Thursday debate broadcast by NBC, where she grilled his opposition to busing and his praise of the civility of working with segregationist Democratic senators.

“Clearly you were ready for it. When did you decide that was what you were gonna do?” Hunt asked.

“I have to be obviously candid with you. From the moment that I heard his comments about the segregationists, it was troubling and it was hurtful,” Harris said. “To hear those words from someone I respect in a way that kind of–that suggest a bit of nostalgia about who they are, about segregationists.”

“I felt the need that — to make sure that everyone was remembering or had thought about the real impact,” she continued. “I just felt the need to talk about it not as some academic discussion.”

“Do you think Biden is out of touch?” Hunt asked Harris.

“No, not necessarily,” Harris responded. “I think he and I have a difference of opinion about the significance of who those people were and our perspective on perhaps how we think of them in terms of their reputation.”

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