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Morning Joe: Bloomberg Missed Opportunity To Be The Anti-Trump By Gagging Bloomberg News

After Mike Bloomberg’s campaign announced that he would sell his $60 billion company Bloomberg L.P. if elected president, Morning Joe discussed the growing unease within his company by journalists who are in many ways being forced to ignore the biggest political story of the moment in the Democratic primary.

“As he hits the debate stage for the first time tonight, there’s another debate going on within his own organization: How should his own news operation cover him as a candidate?” said Tom Rogers, founder of CNBC. “And there’s some resistance internally to the restrictions that have been in place in terms of how Bloomberg should be covered by his own news operation. They’re not allowed to investigate him.”

While Bloomberg applied the same rule to prohibiting investigations into his Democratic rivals, New York Times media correspondent Michael Grynbaum said the billionaire former New York City mayor missed a major opportunity to distinguish himself from the famously averse to criticism, President Donald Trump.

I want to rewind a second and just think about the political opportunity that I actually think Michael Bloomberg may have missed here. He wants to establish himself as the anti-Trump, he complains about a president who assails the press at every opportunity. What if he had sat back and said: do you know what, I’m a big boy, I will let my employees investigate my life, I’m an open book, I support the First Amendment. He would have won a lot of points, I think, with a certain constituency of the Democratic primary that would I think really relate to that type of pledge.

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson said Bloomberg employees are trapped in non-disclosure agreements and Bloomberg News journalists would be limited anyway in the information they could uncover, but also said he believes the current setup will be too limiting and Bloomberg will be forced to open the floodgates of his news organization looking into his company and business dealings.

Watch the full video above, via MSNBC.

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