Rudy Giuliani Claims 125,000 PA Votes Should Be Invalidated Because Election Observers Were Denied the Use of Binoculars


Rudy Giuliani continued his habit of making baseless and spurious claims in the public square on Wednesday, during a hastily prepared Trump campaign press conference.

With Trump’s reelection efforts hanging by a thin sinew of scrapple gristle, his campaign has taken to engaging in litigation to stop the count of legal votes in the state of Pennsylvania.. At issue? Election observers were not able to get close enough to the ballot counters and, according to Florida AG Pam Bondi who was also in attendance, were not able to use binoculars to inspect the process from distance.

The press event opened with Eric Trump declaring victory in The Keystone State, since his father was up roughly 400,000 votes, though he did curiously admit that only 86% of the votes have been counted. Giuliani then followed and derided the municipality of Philadelphia for what he called a corrupt and unfair political machine.

The former Mayor of New York City eventually invited an inspector named Jeremy to the microphone, who explained how he couldn’t possibly observe the process because of the distance from which he was stationed. “We don’t know what is happening to them,” he explained. “There is no way for us to meaningfully observe the process from where they have us.”

Giuliani asked the inspector “Can you tell us how many ballots approximately went through that process that you had no chance to observe? to which Jeremy estimated roughly 125,000, “maybe more.”

“So that should be deducted from the count,” Giuliani bizarrely claimed. “Those are ballots that were in violation of the law without observation.”

He then added that since this is a “novel procedure,” observation is particularly important to satisfy the possibility that you can defraud, and added that he intended to take this approach to other currently undecided states, like Arizona and Nevada.

Fox News currently projects Joe Biden to win 264 of the necessary 270 electoral votes to win the election. There are currently roughly 1,100,000 uncounted absentee ballots, of which 62% need to be for Biden to take over the state. Absentee ballots in The Keystone State have thus far fallen for Biden at roughly 78%.

Watch above via Fox News.


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