Republican Pollster on Fox News: ‘Almost Impossible’ for Trump to Win


Republican pollster Lee Carter claimed that it was “almost impossible” for President Donald Trump to win the 2020 election while appearing on Fox News Wednesday.

Fox anchor Neil Cavuto noted how tight the race is despite Joe Biden’s 11 electoral vote lead.

“You understand why it’s important to them and understand why they’re very very interested in, once again, canvassing votes in some of these battleground states,” Cavuto said. “Wisconsin, Michigan, as well, they’re close enough for that. That’s very tough to do, though, rarely do they lead to a turnaround in the vote.”

Carter agreed that it would be incredibly tough for the Trump team to pull that off — adding that Biden currently has a bigger advantage in Nevada than Trump did in 2016.

“It seems like the path for Donald Trump to go to victory is narrower and narrower and narrower,” she added. “It’s really, really almost impossible I think at this point without something being overturned. I think that is why you’re seeing so many legal battles being threatened and started. Because I think the only way to victory at this point, realistically, it is through something that’s going to come down to that.”

Fox News projected that Joe Biden would win Michigan on Wednesday. He was already projected by the outlet to win the crucial battleground states of Arizona and Wisconsin.

Earlier on the network, anchor Chris Wallace said Biden is on the brink of victory: “With the calling of Wisconsin, he’s at 248 that you can see here on the screen and that’s 22 electoral votes away. It’s real simple math now. Six votes in Nevada, 16 votes in Michigan and he reaching precisely 270 votes.”

“If he just holds onto his lead in those two states,” Wallace said of Michigan and Nevada, “he’s the 46th president of the United States.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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