Scaramucci Says Trump Should Go to Biden’s Inauguration But Claims ‘Everybody Around Him’ Says He Won’t


Anthony Scaramucci appeared on CNN during the late night hours Friday to talk about what President Donald Trump will and/or should do if he loses.

As of this posting, the race is looking better and better for Joe Biden, but it has not officially been called yet.

Chris Cuomo asked Scaramucci, “Do you think if President Trump does not win this election, do you think he’ll go to the inauguration of Joe Biden?”

“Everybody around him says no,” the short-lived White House communications director said. “Everybody says that he will not do that, and that he’s going to break every norm and he’s going to break every tradition. And he hasn’t gotten along with the past presidents. He didn’t go to John McCain’s funeral. He didn’t go to George Herbert Walker Bush’s funeral.”

But Scaramucci himself said Trump should go and that “it’s in his best interests to do so.”

“If he is under criminal investigation in New York, and let’s surmise that he might be, and let’s presume that he’s innocent, because that’s our rule of law to do that — but I think it would be in his best interests to cooperate with everybody to see if he can disentangle himself from all these different things he’s around,” he said.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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