Tammy Duckworth Tears Into ‘Coward-in-Chief Trump’ at DNC: Biden Won’t ‘Let Tyrants Manipulate Him Like a Puppet’


Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) reflected upon her own service in her DNC speech Thursday night in order to blast President Donald Trump as failing to be a real commander-in-chief.

“To be a commander, you must always put your troops first, because one day you may order them to sacrifice everything for our great nation. To do that, leaders must command their troops’ respect and be worthy to defend our constitution no matter the cost,” she said.

Duckworth spoke about military families and how Biden “understands these sacrifices because he’s made them himself.”

She pivoted to Trump and called him a “coward-in-chief”:

That’s the kind of leader our service members deserve, one who understands the risks they face and who would actually protect them by doing his job as commander in chief. Instead, they have a coward-in-chief who won’t stand up to Vladimir Putin, read his daily intelligence briefings, or even admonish adversaries for putting bounties on our troops’ heads. As president, Joe Biden would never let tyrants manipulate him like a puppet. He would never pervert our military to stroke his own ego. He would never turn his back on our troops or threaten them against Americans peacefully exercising their constitutional rights.

The Illinois Democrat and Iraq War veteran concluded that “Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to call himself commander-in-chief for another four minutes, let alone another four years.”

“Our troops deserve better. Our country deserves better,” she said.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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