Watch Cory Booker Give the Most Fiery Speech Ever in Defense of … the Filibuster?


New Jersey Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker delivered perhaps the most barn-burning speech ever in defense of the 60-vote threshold that is currently required to pass legislation in the U.S. Senate.

At the “We the People” Democratic candidates’ forum on Monday, an activist asked Booker how he planned to overcome the filibuster “to ensure that your bold reforms, that you champion, become a reality?”

Booker began his wide-ranging response by saying that “Some people are saying get rid of the filibuster, and I feel that sense of urgency, but let me tell you what I worry about.”

He explained that “if Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump had 2 years like they just had without me in the Senate, and other noble progressives who fought them with you to prevent the taking away of health care, we would have lost that battle, Obamacare would be gone.”

Booker then listed several other major changes that Ryan and McConnell and Trump could have made without the filibuster rule, like gutting Medicare and Medicaid, or defunding Planned Parenthood.

“As an African American in this country, I know..that we didn’t get civil rights because of a Senate that wanted it to happen,” Booker said. “The longest filibuster in our country’s history was a racist rant of a filibuster blocking civil rights reform by Strom Thurmond.”

“But we overcame that, by organizing all around America, not only did we win civil rights but we ushered in a Democratic majority that lasted for years and years and years because we got active and organized.”

Booker then went into a lengthy digression about the election of Donald Trump, and the “seduction of despair” that set in after Trump’s inauguration.

But then, he talked about how women had inspired him not to give up, and built to a mic-dropping crescendo:

A whole bunch of women, coast to coast in this country, came out and they marched and it’s like they were saying to me ‘Cory, this is not a time to curl, up to shut up, or to give up, this is America! We know our history!

This is a time to stand up, to speak up, to rise up, because when we stand as Americans, when we join together and fight together and work together, no filibuster can stop us!

We ushered in civil rights, women’s rights, workers rights, and in this era, if we organize again, we are going to bring a progressive agenda to this country, and move it forward for everyone no matter who is in the Senate!

The counter-argument could be, though, that since Republicans have already nuked the filibuster for Supreme Court justices after Democrats nuked it for judicial nominees, it’s only a matter of which party regains unified government first and ends the filibuster anyway.

Watch the full response above, via Global News.

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