Cory Booker

Cory Booker: Planned Parenthood Supporters Brave Like the Men Who Stormed the Beach at Normandy

Watch Ali Velshi Call Republican Cory Gardner a ‘Democratic Senator From New Jersey’

Cory Booker: ‘I’m Not Going to Rush to Impeachment’

Cory Booker: ’This Is a Paul Revere Moment, The Russians Are Coming’

‘Every Democrat For President’: Quarter of Senate Dems Reportedly Mulling 2020 Runs

Cory Booker Asked Mindy Kaling to Dinner on Twitter and People are Going Nuts

Wrestler Triple H Showed Up to Linda McMahon’s Confirmation Hearing and the Senators Noticed

Scarborough Calls Out Cory Booker For ‘Obviously Calculated’ Effort Ahead of 2020 Launch

Cory Booker Testifies Against Senate Colleague Jeff Sessions, Calls It a Matter of Conscience

Democratic Rep.: Having Our Sessions Testimony at End of Hearing Equivalent to Sitting at Back of Bus

With Potential Eyes on 2020, Booker Set to Testify Against Sessions For First Time in US History

Cory Booker Says of Trump: ‘I Love Him, I Seriously Do!’

Donald Trump Spent His Night Threatening Cory Booker, Insulting ‘Pocahontas’ Warren

Chuck Todd Asks Cory Booker if Hillary Can Be Better Than Obama on ‘Racial Reconciliation’

CNN’s Keilar Calls Out Loretta Lynch for Mixed Messaging on Hillary Email Investigation

Maher to Dem Sen.: If You Can’t Say the Words ‘Islamic Terrorism,’ Dems Lose the Election

Cory Booker Awkwardly Won’t Agree with Bill Clinton That Bernie Fans Are Like Tea Party

Cory Booker to Fellow Congress Members: ‘Stop the Pot Hypocrisy’

A Bunch of U.S. Senators Appeared on NBC’s Parks & Rec Last Night

Cory Booker Has a Grievance of His Own for Rand Paul

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