John Oliver Roasts Cops Protesting Vaccine Mandates: ‘If an Officer Wants to Quit Over This, F*cking Let Them’


John Oliver has roasted the cops protesting Covid-19 vaccine mandates, urging officers threatening to quit to leave the force.

Oliver began the Sunday night segment by playing a video of Washington state trooper Robert Lamay,  who filmed himself resigning from his squad car.

“This is the last time you’ll hear me in a state patrol car—and Gov. Jay Inslee can kiss my ass,” Lamay said, dropping his walkie-talkie.

“Ohh, a walkie drop! You don’t see many of those! And that’s probably because it looks pathetic. Dropping a microphone is inherently exciting,” Oliver cracked after airing the clip. “You get the thud as it hits the floor, and the cheer of the crowd, but a walkie drop? That’s just a sad man sitting in a dark car, dropping a heavy object directly onto his penis.”

The host went on to explain that throughout the nation, a small group of cops have threatened to resign over Covid-19 mandates, and have been receiving “disproportionate coverage” for their actions.

“They frame this as a matter of individual liberty, even in cases where very little was being asked of them,” he added.

Oliver was referring to John Catanzara, president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, who lashed out when officers in the city were asked to register their vaccination status in an online portal, despite the fact that they could continue to work if they were unvaccinated and submitted regular testing.

The host decided against airing his opposition to the mandates and instead showed viewers his apology:

“In no way was I trying to tie forced vaccinations to the atrocities of the holocaust, which is why I never used the word holocaust. I should not have made the reference like I did to the showers and for that I am sorry.”

After mocking Catanzara for his pronunciation of “hole-ocaust,” Oliver shared that he has been “suspended eight times and has received more misconduct complaints per year of service than 96 percent of his fellow Chicago officers. And yet, this is who his union members chose to represent them.”

“So next time someone says to you, ‘not all cops are bad,’ you can respond, ‘no, just their favorite ones!'” Oliver quipped. “And Catanzara’s hostility to a vaccine mandate is particularly noteworthy given one of his predecessors as head of the union died of Covid just this month. Which actually brings us to a staggering fact.”

Four times as many officers have died from the coronavirus than as from gunfire since the start of the pandemic.

“That is a terrible statistic,” said Oliver, later adding, “Look, there is also the key matter of the fact that the police are supposed to be keeping the public safe. That is the point of their jobs, yet some don’t seem to give much of a shit about that.”

The host went on to hit at CNN for representing the statistic via a bar graph where one bar was only twice as high as the other despite the numbers indicating it should be four times as high.

“So welcome to CNN. If you want to instantly understand the different ways police die, it’s going to be tricky. But if you want to understand the one way a certain British royal died, it’s your lucky day! 9:00 P.M. Eastern, Sunday nights,” he joked. “Though no need to watch. Spoiler alert, it was the mother-in-law.”

“If an officer wants to quit over this, fucking let them,” Oliver added. “Let the individuals who clearly don’t care about public safety stop being in charge of public safety. It really is that simple.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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