Public Service Announcement: Vulfpeck Posts Full MSG Show on YouTube

Oh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of Vulfpeck? Well, today’s your lucky day because your life is about to become funkier, more soulful and also more fun now that this band has entered your life.

Vulfpeck is a traveling cadre of unbelievable musicians who are so adept at their craft that they often capture the video recording of their songs LIVE in studio while recording their tracks which they then publish on YouTube for myriads of people to enjoy.

Led by digital-savant Jack Stratton,  author of the single issue How I Made $290,000 Selling Books on Amazon, (which retailed for $290,000) Vulfpeck has four to five regular members but features a revolving cast of terrific musicians adding to the fun.

Their sound is a super-tight mix of pop-soul-funk confection and their ethos is based on the studio musician crews of the 60s and 70s like Motown’s Funk Brothers or the LA-based Wrecking Crew.

In September of this year, the Los Angeles-based band (that originally formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan) played a sold-out show in the self-proclaimed “world’s most famous arena” Madison Square Garden, but sold out the arena without spending any money at all on promotion. How’d they do it? A very clever social media effort combined with an incredibly loyal base of fans.

Clever promotions are not new to Vulfpeck. The band received some attention a number of years ago for their Sleepify project, which was a tracklist of silence that fans listened to while they slept, exploiting a Spotify royalty loophole that has since been discontinued. That project earned the band a reported $20,000, which they spent on a tour of free shows as a reward to their loyal fans.

As is their digital-first wont, Vulfpeck captured the entirety of the MSG show entirely by wandering on stage camera operator (and Vulfpeck songwriter) Ryan Lermer, which was just published on YouTube on Monday.

The stage setting was modeled off of the living room studio where many of Vulfpeck’s original music was recorded (and captured on video) which their remarkably loyal (and brilliant and attractive) set of fans enjoyed immensely.

You too can enjoy the show above, via YouTube and Vulfpeck. Go Team!


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