11 Food Instagrammers You Need to be Following


These days, #foodporn is everything. It’s so much of a thing that restaurants are now creating dishes specifically for Instagram. While we wish a few of them would stop (Starbucks, anyone making tie-dye edible anything) for the most part we’re totally into it. 75% of my feed is food. Recently, I almost decided to stop following most of my actual friends because I’d like to make that percentage closer to 100. You may already be deep into the food Instagram game, but if you’re not, here’s a crash course. Here are the people taking the most beautiful photos on Instagram. If you’re not already following them, get on this immediately.

1. @noleftovers_ 

Come for the food, stay for the captions. @noleftovers_ is everywhere, all the time, eating everything we want to be eating, and she usually works a song lyric or two into what she has to say about it.


2. @dennistheprescott

I actually know someone who had to stop following @dennistheprescott because the photos made her too hungry all the time.


A photo posted by Dennis The Prescott (@dennistheprescott) on


3. @foodiemagician

Great photos of food, equally great photos of dogs.


4. @dcfoodporn

TBH, one of the greatest ever. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in DC, this feed will kind of ruin your life a little bit.


5. @miami_foodporn

All Miami food, all the time, and it’s not always the hotel restaurants you’d expect. She’s deep into the food there. We’re into it.

Meat me at the station #miami_foodporn

A photo posted by Miami Food Porn (@miami_foodporn) on


6. @nomyourself

She’ll make you want to become vegan. That is all.

Baked Tofu with Sweet Thai Chili Almond Sauce, Broccoli, Onion, Peas, Turmeric White Pepper Rice & Chives. #nomyourself #vegan

A photo posted by Chef Mary Mattern Ⓥ (@nomyourself) on


7. @foodintheair

It is a scientific fact that food looks 80% better when you hold it up in the air. We read that somewhere, we think.

Jesus walks The holy trdelnik. L-F-Giooooy. PC: @peteocha #foodintheair #trdelnik #rainbowsprinkles #LFG

A photo posted by Food In The Air™ (@foodintheair) on


8. @eatingnyc

204k followers agree. Get her on your radar ASAP.

My kind of breakfast pasta . #EATINGNYC

A photo posted by #EatingNYC: NYC Food & Travel (@eatingnyc) on


9. @gilliehouston

Truly beautiful photos of food, and occasionally other things too.

Staycations are for paying absolutely no mind to the amount of calories/alcohol you’re putting into your body.

A photo posted by Snapchat gillieh (@gilliehouston) on


10. @danielkrieger

We debated putting him on this list because he literally photographs food for a living, but he’s one of the best in the game, so here he is.


11. @foodbabyny

Food and two babies. We don’t need to tell you more than that.

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