Bill Yosses Fondly Remembers Julia Child’s Wild Chef Parties


As part of the centennial anniversary of Julia Child’s birth, PBS has asked people around the world to send in their fond memories of the iconic chef, and White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses is the latest to contribute. And while he’s obviously inspired by her work and cites her as a great influence on his life (one does not become a pastry chef without thinking of her puff pastry, after all), Yosses also remembered that for her 80th birthday,  Child threw “the best party I ever attended”:

[It] was organized by the ebullient chef Michel Richard…She had actually turned 80 the year before but no matter, any excuse for a good “fête.”

All the best chefs of France and America came together to cook a wonderful dinner for 500 guests in tribute to her reign as the queen of cuisine. Roger Vergé, Paul Bocuse, Daniel Boulud, and David Bouley were all there, evidence of her influence in France as well as the United States. The chefs knew that she had expanded the audience for fine dining to a huge new segment of the American population. She was customarily unflustered by the attention, and wanted everyone to know that because she had been eating well prepared food she had lived to 80 and intended to live a lot longer. She did, and was active until the age of 92.

So basically in her later years, Julia Child was Betty White-ing it up with French men half her age? What a fox.


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