WATCH: Cat Cora Speaks Out Against The Injustice Of Adopting Her Own Children

Cat Cora appeared on The Jeff Probst Show today to bake with precocious 8-year-olds and speak out about her family life. Interestingly, she was slated for a segment adjacent to one with the stars of Married To The Army: Alaska, an OWN reality show about army wives in the Great White North.

After the Wives cleared out, Cat took the stage in a red satin kimono with chunky black sparkle trim (how very festive!) to talk about everything from being the first (and only) female Iron Chef, to being the first lady inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame, to the sheer absurdity she finds in the fact that she had to adopt her own children.

Cat and her wife Jennifer aren’t legally married but in a domestic partnership, because same-sex marriage wasn’t an option for them at the time. Of course, that means that Cat had to legally adopt the three boys her wife legally birthed, and Jen had to legally adopt the one son Cat birthed in order to share legal rights over them as parents. (Fun fact: Cat and Jennifer were actually both pregnant at the same time!)

Is it wrong of us to assume that the Supreme Court’s announcement that it will take up same-sex marriage one hour after this segment aired has everything to do with Cat Cora? Probably, but we’re going to start spreading that rumor, anyway. Check out the clip below.

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