Top 3 Insults In The New York Post’s Entourage Restaurant Pan

Steve Cuozzo tackled the flailing Midtown Manhattan joint Siro’s in a review for the New York Post, and somehow, we aren’t surprised that a 10,000 square foot restaurant serving 10 different kinds of steak, part-owned by Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connolly of Entourage, got a less than stellar review.

Does the panna cotta taste like somebody’s vapid model girlfriend? Probably. Does the yellowfin come with a healthy side of schmoozing? We’d imagine so. But we’ve never eaten there. So allow us to deliver you Cuozzo’s three best burns.

On the location:

Where diners at Midtown’s Del Frisco’s, for example, enjoy views of soaring Rockefeller Center limestone, Siro’s customers see Second Avenue blah.

On the Hurricane Sandy-flavored shrimp (hint: not a compliment):

The same day I had that fine flank steak, I also had cocktail shrimp that tasted as if they’d washed up with the Sandy sea surge. Another day, “sashimi-grade” sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna did recall sashimi at a cheap Japanese place where it might cost half of $38.

On the dessert-fail and crappy music:

Although the Web site lists a dozen desserts, no printed list was available one night; the waiter recited only a handful, including pedestrian panna cotta. It was disappointing, too, when the striped bass I craved “unfortunately didn’t come in today.”

And I can do without a warbly singer on a Friday night, when I crave peace and quiet. A good meal needs no background music to make its case. It’s about the kitchen, guys, not the keyboard.

To pilfer a joke from goddess Jane Lynch’s Emmy-hosting gig: Many people wonder why we don’t eat in Midtown…Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of Entourage!

[New York Post]

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