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Gordon Ramsay Gives Angry Interview While Hopped Up On Painkillers

The day after being horribly bodychecked by Teddy Sheringham during a charity soccer match, Gordon Ramsay, injured and morphine’d and maybe even a wee bit dehydrated, sat down with The Guardian and gave the most painfully awkward interview, punctuated — horribly and hilariously — by an unnamed PR woman who keeps trying to get Gordon Ramsay to just shut up about his personal drama and how much he hates his father-in-law and to please, please, please “get back to talking about prisons.”

The full interview drifts away from the very interesting premise of Ramsay’s new show Gordon Ramsay Behind Bars (where he teaches 12 convicts to cook in Brixton prison) to some angry, angry shouting about his father-in-law, CEO, and former best friend forever Chris Hutcheson, who disowned his daughter (Gordon’s wife, obvs) after the two had a horrible, public falling out over Hutcheson’s firing. Also in the interview: other angry shouting about people who come into his restaurants and try to get their money back after doing dumb things like ordering ketchup, or where his palate came from (“wasn’t trained to have a palate”).

Here’s the kicker, though: None of his responses had anything to do with questions Decca Aitkenhead asked about prisons or his personality, and she’s just as confused as we are.

Ramsay doesn’t seem to listen to anything much; instead, he hears the questions he assumes I must be asking, and as his imaginary ones are generally veiled attacks insinuating all manner of criticism, he gets angrier and angrier. To make matters worse, whenever I mention anything from either of his autobiographies, he looks so surprised that I begin to doubt he had much to do with writing them, and wonder if he’s ever, in fact, even read them.

Are we being too harsh on a man who was probably drugged out of his mind on painkillers? Probably. Do we care? Considering he’d probably call us “fucking mules with access to a keyboard” … naaah.

[The Guardian]

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