Guardian Critic Jay Rayner Drops the Biggest Bomb On Food Trends 2015: ‘There Will Be Food’

Food Trend Bomb: 'There Will Be Food' 

The 12th month of every year brings one constant if you work in media: you will be rounding up the best/ worst/ dumbest/ smartest/ weirdest/ craziest/ MINDBLOWINGOMG from the past year, and then predicting the MINDBLOWINGOMG trends that are to come in the next year. (We know, because we do it too.) Perhaps it’s why we’re finding Jay Rayner’s take on “food trends for 2015!!!!!!!!!” so enlightening.

While we get bogged down in “wait, what was the Cronut of 2014? Was it just the Cronut again?,” Rayner delights in all of the silly, hyped-up food trends that we crazy food media talk about each and every year. It’s not cool to admit it, but I have fond memories of almost every food trend and fad that has come and gone,” he writes in his newest Guardian column. Whether it be Mickey D’s or the newest foam from Heston Blumenthal, it’s all good in Rayner’s mind because there’s a sense of time and place within them all. The real problem, he says, is when we add on our own sense of moral superiority, when “each new food movement looks back on the one it replaces with a barely disguised sneer.”

So, can we all agree that food trends will happen, and not happen, in 2015? That Rayner may be onto something after all? He concludes:

Here then, is my prediction for 2015. There will be food. Some of it will be horrible. Some of it will be really nice. It’s OK. You don’t have to thank me.


We are on board. Except for kale. God, we’re so sick of eating kale.


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