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@DadBoner Posts Scene 2 Of Imaginary Guy Fieri Action Film, Roadhouse 4

Because he heard our cries for more (we at The Braiser are some pretty carnal babes), “Karl Welzein” AKA @DadBoner posted the second scene of Roadhouse 2012: Pain Still Don’t Hurt, starring Guy Fieri, on Craigslist. Apparently, his first scene didn’t attract enough backers to fund the project. We can’t imagine why. He’s being a total gentleman and offering his acting services to the film to keep $$$$ down for producers. Somebody get this guy a Kickstarter. Flint, Michigan’s Craigslist is clearly limiting Karl’s potential.

In scene two of the manfest, there are the manliest of man things: deaths, monster trucks, boobs x three (so a total of six), and Barry from Storage Wars making a cameo appearance as Guy Fieri’s dad. We already know what you’re thinking: dude, sweet, dude, sweet, etc.

Here’s the opening of Scene 2, which gets pretty carnal, pretty quickly. Definitely an R rating on this bad boy. You can find the whole scene here, and get a refresher on the opening scene here.


Morning. Guy Cooler’s barn apartment. It’s like an apartment, but it’s above a barn so it’s pretty mysterious, yet badass, so he can keep to himself and live by his code of honor. Also, it’s on a river. Guy Cooler rents it from some old man who lives in the farmhouse that we never see ’cause who cares. His pad’s actually pretty money. There’s a big neon Crown Royal sign on the wall and everything. At least 3 babes wake up with their chest beefers out (Rated R) and hit the bricks without sayin’ any dumb crap ’cause they know Guy has to do martial arts to stay in primo shape. He starts doin’ roundhouse kicks like a maniac on an old heavy bag in the corner, Rocky style. Then, Captain Karl shows up to rap about the night before and get the 411.

CAPTAIN KARL: Man, just saw those babes leave. Looks like you went off the chain. Had me some thick and natural adult action myself. Real consensual, like Jamie Lee Curtis when she was still mature, but not like now. (makes the curvy babe hand sign that lets you know her shape was on point)

GUY COOLER: After a night like that, a real bad boy needs some steamy carnal passions like never before. (winks)


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