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WATCH: Ina Garten’s Comfort Food Coaxed A Half-Dressed Hoda Out Of Her Dressing Room

When Ina Garten makes tomato soup, she puts saffron in it. When she makes grilled cheese, it’s with gouda, in a panini maker, and cut into croutons for the soup. When she makes meatloaf, it’s covered in a chicken and garlic stock instead of ketchup. And when she makes sticky toffee date cake, there’s lots and lots of bourbon in it.

These reasons and more are why we love Ina Garten, so we can’t really fault Hoda Kotb for being so drawn in by her impressive comfort food spread on The Today Show this morning that she came out on set from her dressing room in her pre-show sweats. She didn’t even bother pulling on her Fourth Hour get-up; she just ran out in a pink hoodie, which is at least somewhat classier than a robe, we suppose.

Check out the clip below.

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