Last Call: Models Wearing ‘High-Speed Milk’ Dresses Are Amazeballs

SLR Lounge: Imagine striking a Marilyn Monroe-type model pose, while getting gallons of milk thrown at you. The result? If you’re as crazy and talented as London-based photographer, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, you get a pinup calendar of models wearing what looks like awesome, flowy dresses… made of milk. The pics are pretty incredible.

Obama Foodorama: Talk about awkward: President Obama has declared it “National School Lunch Week, 2013.” Oh, you know, when the government is shut down and can’t actually pay for its subsidized school meals. *facepalm*

The Hindu: A pretty standard interview with Anthony Bourdain, until the question: “A lot of reality shows on television are making famous chefs out of amateurs. What do you think of the trend?” Then the typical Bourdain you’d expect comes out.

On Milkwaukee: Meanwhile, Daniel Boulud charms the crap out of this Milkwaukee interviewer — and let’s face it, he is adorable. Especially when he talks about giving back to his community (as an apprentice, the restaurants he worked in would often take in one or two homeless people for the night and feed them): “Choosing to be a chef is also choosing to be generous, to be giving.” Awww.

America’s Test Kitchen: John T. Edge talks about — what else? — Southern cooking, but also how to make the best biscotti.

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