Let’s Endlessly Speculate Where Rene Redzepi’s Next Noma Pop-Up Will Be

Somewhere tropical, eh??

Now that Rene Redzepi is finishing putting Japanese ants in every one of his dishes finishing up the last leg of his Noma Tokyo pop-up, we of course have to not let him take one millisecond off and tell us exactly what his next plans are speculate on what he’ll be doing next. As Redzepi recently shared with Conde Nast Traveler, his Nordic boomerang of a restaurant isn’t going anywhere. But while Noma will keep playin’ the music on and on, it seems as though Redzepi already has a few ideas of where he’ll be taking Noma next. From Conde Nast Traveler (emphasis ours):

Redzepi’s Tokyo outpost closes February 14, much to the dismay of the 60,000-plus people on the waitlist to dine there. And, for those of you wondering, he’s not looking to plant permanent roots in the city. (He hinted that a tropical pop-up location might be next up.) “I am happy at home in Denmark. We are looking for more challenge and experience, not more restaurants,” he says. “We feel we haven’t perfected it at home and we are trying to reach as close to that as possible by coming here.”

Tropical! What!

Seeing as Redzepi’s a busy man, we went ahead and picked the tropical hotspots we want him to end up in. (You know, that’s mildly within our price range so we can go. AHAHAHA kidding, we’re not dumb enough to believe we’ll ever get on the waitlist.) Where would we like to see Redzepi next?

Mexico City. If Top Chef can do it, so can Redzepi. The country surely has some of the most unusual ingredients of the tropical beaches we know of (and no, margaritas don’t count) and would be great inspiration to the Noma team. Oh wait, it already has been — remember that taco joint he and his pastry chef Rosio Sanchez are working on??

The Caribbean. Think of all the possibilities of food: Puerto Rican food, Jamaican food, Trinidadian food, Cuban food. So far outside the Nordic food comfort zone!

Peru. A swing in the opposite direction of the pendulum, and just think of the ingredients — quinoa, maca, superfoods we’ll never be able to pronounce. Put Noma at the top of Machu Pichu! (Not so tropical but you get the idea.)

New Zealand. Because, uh, New Zealand. Duh.

Uh oh, we just got major wanderlust going. Excuse us while we Google “flights from New York City – anywhere” and stare lovingly at food porn of Noma Tokyo.

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