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Mario Batali Reveals His Jedi Mind Tricks For Running A Kitchen

Mario Batali is a highly cerebral, articulate, and otherwise generally highly intelligent celebrity chef. But we had no concept of the Jedi mind tricks he truly possesses to make sure his kitchens stay staffed by equally competent humans. For example, no yelling allowed.

“My opinion is that yelling is the result of the dismay you feel when you realize you have not done your own job,” Mario philosophizes. So, he won’t be attending our Hell’s Kitchen finale viewing party…?

And if Mario’s in the process of hiring you, let’s just say you should keep an eye on all sudden movements. In addition to boasting a resume with restaurant jobs he’s envious of, and possessing a “gentle, smiling eye,” you should be able to pass his subtle reflex exam. He dished:

If I move my hand quickly, they should see that — not that they’re distracted by it, but I want to see if they’re paying attention, because that’s the key to understanding cooking. It’s really about having your senses on fire all the time.

Senses on fire, young grasshoppers. Keep that in mind once you’ve been hired and, of the 100 demonstrations of a dish on the line you see in training, you don’t get to touch for the first 20. Yes, he’s serious. Oh, and, uh, don’t think you can skip all the tedious the beginners’ training with your leagues and leagues of managerial experience. Mario doesn’t hire team leaders. He only promotes them from the pool he’s initially hired. Tricky, that Mario.

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