‘Eat Dope Sh*t’ With Mario Batali To Defeat The Tea Party, Says Lena Dunham

We called it! Celebrity chefs are overwhelmingly Democratic. Want proof? Starting next week, the Democratic super PAC Downtown For Democracy is doing a series of fundraising dinners that will be catered by some of America’s most high-profile chefs, like Mario Batali, Andrew Carmellini, Michael LaisksonisChristina Tosi, and the kitchen team from Brooklyn Fare. 

And how did we find out about these super PAC-y dinners? Through the voice of our a generation: Lena Dunham and her Twitter. “Want to eat dope shit for a wonderful cause?” she tweeted to her followers, along with a link for the  fundraising dinners. “Support D4D and my oldest best ‪#girl‬ @grumplstiltskin.” (“Grumplstilkstin” is her real BFF Audrey Gelman, who’s on the board of the organization.)

Dinners with these chefs would be awesome, except for two teeny facts: one, dinners start at $125 per person and cap out at $2,000 (for Batali’s Super PAC Special dinner). Two, the “wonderful cause” you’d support is the ousting of ten Tea Party members from Congress, including Joe Walsh and Allen West. That’s totally dandy if you’re a Democrat, but not at all if, well, you’re not. So, no Milk Bar cookies for you, Tea Partiers.


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