Mario Batali Supports Women’s Right To Choose, Gets Told to ‘Stay in the Kitchen’ by Twitter Trolls


Hi, my name is Mariella Mosthof, and I’m really grateful that a powerful middle-aged white man thinks that my uterus is in my jurisdiction and no one else’s. If it’s middle-aged white men (GIRLS) who run the world, I prefer it to be men of his ilk.

This particular man is Mario Batali, who, for one half hour, agreed to match all donations made to @TXWomenForever during last night’s Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose telethon, which benefited The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, Texas Equal Access Fund, Whole Woman’s Health, and Fund Texas Women — a series of “abortion funds across the state of Texas that provide financial assistance, practical support and connections to other resources for Texans seeking abortion care,” in light of that pesky law that makes it virtually impossible for women seeking their right to an abortion to find one in the vast state of Texas.

As you can imagine, agreeing to match donations up to $5000 to fund abortions in Texas opened Batali up to some Twitter trolls, whom he cut down with remarkable grace. The @TXWomenForever account has been swooning over him all day; meanwhile, we were getting our rocks off cackling at one particular Batali troll ID’d as “@PatrioticMom69,” who, inexplicably, is not a pornbot! We know!

A sampling, because who are we to keep this raucous joy to ourselves:

For the record, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose raised over $50,000 last night. Sleep tight, Gotham.

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