WATCH: MasterChef Junior Becomes the Sarah, Dara, and Kaylen Show (Finally)

This recap of MasterChef Junior is slightly clouded by MasterChef finalist Josh Marks’ death, but the show must go on. Nothing like a good ole’ whipped cream competition with some kiddos to lift everyone’s spirits, right?

Today’s most adorable moments on MasterChef Junior, brought to you mostly by Sarah, Dara, and Kaylen (I realize that I seem to gravitate towards these three — I swear, I don’t mean to pick favorites. But come on.):

1. Sarah’s whispered gasp when the first competition is announced: “oh no!” Note that she’s not even in the competition. Drama queen in the most adorable way possible.

2. Roen’s bet on Alexander winning the whipped cream competition: “He probably makes whipped cream in his sleep.” LOLZ.

3. Sarah’s sound bite that’s been touted all season — “Whip like a man!” — is directed at Gavin! Even Dara is like, WHOA GIRL SETTLE. “This is a different side of Sarah!” No kidding — the 9-year old turned into a drill sergeant for flailing Gavin.

4. You have to admit, holding a bowl of whipped cream over Gordon Ramsay’s head sounds pretty incredible. But poor Gavin — Joe Bastianich DOES look angry already! “I don’t know how expensive Joe’s suits are, but he’s probably going to send the dry cleaning bill.”

5. Bastianich took it like a man while getting whipped cream dumped on him. (He probably wishes that whipped cream was involving his wife, don’t ya think?) Says Sofia: “He looked like Freddy Krueger meets the Michelin guy.” Pretty sure she doesn’t mean that Michelin guy, but that Michelin guy.

6. Ramsay getting dumped in what looks like bird shit! (Astute observation, Graham Elliot.) Even Ramsay bursts out laughing, good sport that he is (not before cussing, though). I’m so glad it turns into a whipped cream fight, and that Alexander dunks Elliot with his bowl. For three fierce dudes in the culinary world, it’s nice to see them joking around. Even as Ramsay gives Jayden the “I’m watching you” signal as he walks back cleaned up. She takes it like the adorable champ that she is.

7. DARA + SARAH FINALLY paired together for the tag team challenge. Alexander thinks he’s doing Dara a disservice by pairing her up with Sarah, the youngest competitor there. But that hug between the girls seemed genuine — oh, this is going to get fierce.

8. Sure enough, there is dramz between Dara and Sarah. Sarah is feisty, man. Sarah drops the Beef Wellington, Dara asks her if she knows what “finesse” means. But the Sarah and Dara show begins to shape up with Bastianich and the judges agree that the Beef Wellington cuts perfect. Even after Sarah admits she dropped the pan, Bastianich nicely tells her that it happens all the time at his restaurants. “You know you’re being filmed, right?” Sarah asks. And the judging day ends with another hug.

9. Oy, it is never good to see kids look this distraught — heartbreaking, actually. Kaylen and Jack’s facial expressions when the judgement comes for their Beef Wellington; they look so torn up. Roen looks like he might cry; Jack scrunches his face like he can’t possibly bear to hear the news. Jayden says to her competitors, “I’m gonna miss you guys.” [SPOILER ALERT BELOW]

10. Aw, Roen. Don’t I just want to reach through my screen and hug you right now. Let me tell you: I, a 26-year old amateur chef, cannot make a damn Beef Wellington to save my life. You’ll be just fine, kid — better than fine. Great, actually. Get that Japanese Asian cuisine restaurant.

11. Here’s the final reason why MasterChef Junior is adorable: you forget that these kids are competitors. They all cry when their friends get eliminated. When was the last time you saw a reality show where the competitors still left standing weren’t gleefully saying “sayonara!” to those going home? There is still hope for the world, after all — don’t ever grow up, kids. The world gets meaner and tougher, and I don’t like it.

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