WATCH: MasterChef’s Krissi Resorts to Flicking Marinara Sauce at Haters

Like the mighty, oft-maligned cockroach throughout civilization, so Krissi continues to soldier through this season of MasterChef, last night advancing into the Top 5 after losing another team challenge and having to compete in another pressure test. This one, however, played to Krissi’s strengths, as she, James, and Bri were tasked with making calamari and marinara from scratch with a whole squid.

The only place the Philly Italian faltered was in breaking down the squid, which elicited derision from the peanut gallery, AKA the three safe contestants. But, as Graham Elliot flatteringly put it, Krissi was “cooking angry.” You mess with her, you get marinara spatters on your pretty, TV-styled clothes.

Check our her impromptu food fight below.

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