WATCH: Michael Symon Weighs In On Lindsay Lohan On The View

Not going to lie: we love celebrity train wrecks of all genres, not just those of the celebrity chef nature. So, of course, we squealed with glee with we learned Michael Symon was going to be co-hosting The View today, because that meant he’d be around for Hot Topics, and that meant he’d probably be discussing some celebrity scandal or other.

We did not expect it to be Christmas freakin’ morning! That’s right; today, the ladies just so happened to be discussing the taped phone conversation Michael Lohan had with his daughter Lindsay while she was driving home from a club with her allegedly coked out mother Dina, with whom she was in the midst of a massive blowout. The phone call itself is hot messery, but the reason it was a Hot Topic was because Michael Lohan, arguably the calmest person on the call, sold the recording of it to TMZ. A lot of “poor Lindsay”-ing ensued on The View, but Michael Symon’s main gripes are these:

1. Why are you driving in New York, Lindsay?
2. Why are you picking up guys at clubs, Lindsay?
3. Why are you clubbing with your mom, Lindsay?

All fair points, Michael. You totally qualify to be a Lindsanity analyst on E! in our book.

Check out the clip below.

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