Thousands Of Mobbing Internet Foodies Break Noma’s Reservation System


Dear lord, foodies! What have you done to Rene Redzepi and the poor staff at Noma? For some reason, thousands and thousands of  you tried to book dinner at the Copenhagen restaurant, and you broke their website. And their telephone lines. In fact, you guys even broke Rene: “The problem is that thousands of you are trying right now.”

So, uh, what happened? We’re assuming that it was a collision of three things: first, the conclusion of Redzepi’s second MAD Food Symposium garnered a ton of press from his peers and the media. Second, his recent introduction of tasty ant yogurt might have drawn curiosity from people who’d never seen his restaurant and were all “Whoa, the best restaurant in the world serves ants?! Sign me up!” And finally, like most high-caliber restaurants with huge demand, Noma only takes reservations a few months in advance, and only begin booking certain months on specific dates — which may have, in this case, prompted thousands of people to try for reservations all at once.

“Due [to] the overwhelming number of requests on our online booking system, it has broken down,” tweeted Redzepi later. “10 people working to fix it. SORRY!”

SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? It should not take ten people to fix an online reservation system, unless you did something HORRIBLE to it — wait, what’s that? It’s working now? Oh, perfect. Except that there are no reservations available at all, because a few thousand people beat you to it. Welp, time for the waitlist.


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