Dem Rep. Bob Brady Under FBI Investigation Over Alleged Payment of 2012 Primary Opponent to Drop Out

Roseanne’s 2012 Presidential Run Is Getting Its Own Documentary

Jay Carney: Obama’s ‘Toughest’ 2012 Interview Was with Jon Stewart

Dem Senate Comm. Blasts Nate Silver for Predicting GOP ‘Slight Favorite’ to Win Senate

Romney: I Was ‘Upset’ Candy Crowley ‘Decided That Barack Obama Was to Get the Last Word’

Mulligan: Romney Beats Obama in Hypothetical 2012 Rematch

Ann Romney Tells Piers Morgan About ‘Unfiltered’ Mitt in Lively Interview

Elizabeth Warren: GOP Making ‘Naked Attempts to Nullify’ 2012 Election

Christie Reveals on CNN Mitt Romney Called Him to Apologize for Double Down Revelations

Bill Clinton Shared a Very Bizarre, Hilarious Line About Obama on 2012 Campaign Trail…

Mitt Romney Hits Obama on Shutdown, Talks 2012 Mistakes on Hannity

Stranger Than Fiction: Former Romney Aide Unhappy With Campaign’s Portrayal On HBO’s Newsroom

Charlie Cook Predicts 2014 Electorate Will Be 3% More Republican Than 2012

Gallup: Republicans Far More Willing To Criticize Their Own Party Than Democrats

Rachel Maddow: Paul Ryan Is Acting Like He Didn’t Lose 2012 Election

Media Interprets Mitt & Ann Romney’s ‘Bitter’ Reemergence In Exact Same Way They Did For John & Cindy McCain

Piers Morgan Grills Dick Morris On Getting 2012 So Wrong, Morris Admits ‘I Was Wrong At The Top Of My Lungs’

Mark Levin Savages Karl Rove’s ‘Diabolical’ Anti-Tea Party PAC: ‘We’re Being Stabbed In The Back’

S.E. Cupp Trashes Karl Rove’s ‘Refusal To Recognize Reality,’ Audacity To Presume He Deserves ‘Another Shot’

Erick Erickson Bids Goodbye To CNN By Revealing Insider Tales Of His Tenure

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