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Paradigm Shift of the Day: In Which We Agree with Josh Ozersky’s Stance on Hunting

It isn’t a feminist issue, exactly, but we unofficially bestow upon Josh Ozersky Five Porks in our Feminist Power Rankings of this week’s “Ask Eat Like a Man,” in which he eloquently tackled the issue of hunting for sport. A fan wrote in challenging Ozersky’s masculinity (because what else are you going to do for fun at Esquire), asking, “Do you hunt? If you want to be taken seriously as a meat guy, you need to be out there and actually take part in harvesting what you eat. Otherwise you will never really ‘get it.'”

Don’t get us wrong: we’re very much Team Know Where Your Meat Comes From, and are all about taking a moment to pay respect to the little dudes before you eat them. But Ozersky brings up a great point about bloodsport being, like, generally unnecessary:

“I’ve heard this argument a million times, Shane, and I don’t buy it. I went one step further, and visited a beef slaughterhouse and processing plant, and I still don’t look at steak any differently. I consider hunting and other blood sports utterly immoral, despite the fact that hunters are usually great guys, and rarely murderous in private life. I don’t think you should kill animals for fun. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter if you eat it afterwards, either. If all you wanted was food you would just go to the supermarket.

You can read the rest of this week’s “Ask Eat Like a Man” in its entirety here.


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