Rachael Ray Named Most Media-Covered Food Personality Of The Year

Who Is This Year's Most Covered Food Personality?  

News archive company Highbeam Research recently compiled a list of the most media-covered food personalities of the year and the ear-splitting Rachael Ray topped out the list with a whopping 522 points. Who else made the cut? It might make you sad, but read on…

Coming in behind her are Paula Deen, Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, and Bobby Flay, but the worst is yet to come. Bobby, in fifth place, comes in with 232 points. The next closest numbers from a chef with an actual restaurant and actual culinary industry granted awards? Per Se’s Thomas Keller with a distant 150 points. Yikes.

So, to recap, Rachael more than triples the top restaurant chefs in media attention. Four-star rated Daniel Boulud comes in behind Keller at 112 points, but Grant Achatz, Eric Ripert, and Daniel Humm don’t even break double digits.

Is calling it EVOO, pissing off legions of Iron Chefs, and an obscene diabetes medication endorsement really that much more news-worthy that a perfect four-time ratings record with the New York Times? Hey, we understand guilty pleasure food news [Ed Note: Clearly!], but when did deep-fried butter balls become more attention-grabbing than a $300 plus wine per person prix fixe price? What gives?

Well, tragically, while us foodie 99 percenters are scrimping and saving enough cash for next Restaurant Week so we can actually afford to eat at a critically acclaimed restaurant, Pawluh is teaching Middle America how to feed their kids on the cheap by frying their pantries one ingredient at a time. It’s basically a no-brainer why celebrity chefdom outperforms actual restaurant chefdom. Rachael and Paula show up on TVs across Amurrica on the daily while the bigwigs are barely accessible to that already slim population of people passionate about food. It sucks. But, let’s take moment to silently congratulate America for managing to keep Semi-Homemade Cooking‘s Sandra Lee out of the Top 5, shall we?

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