WATCH: Scott Conant Gets Funky With Patriotic Cheese On Today

What is the obsession with red, white, and blue foods as a mark of culinary patriotism? Wouldn’t it be more patriotic to buy local than to dye your risotto red? But Scott Conant graciously performed his civic celebrity chef duty and delivered the requisite colored foods to Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on The Today Show this morning.

The notoriously intense Chopped judge brought along a pink peppercorn and beet risotto, topped with a dollop of “funky” taleggio (yes, the anchor ladies wrinkled their noses at the stinky, delicious cheese), a white bean soup, and a suspicious looking blue cocktail, whose ingredients mercifully weren’t revealed.

Check out the clip below, if you have yet to begin mourning the death of patriotism today.

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