Stephanie Izard’s Wedding, As Told By Twitter


First Lady Top Chef winner and Girl and the Goat chef/owner Stephanie Izard got married over the weekend; yes, she looked so beautiful, it hurts; yes, the wedding was so twee that your own will seem wildly inadequate at worst and badly wanting of adorableness at best. (To wit: she married a guy named Gary Valentine…)

Luckily, much of the wedding party had the wherewithal to tweet the experience, so that we can all share in the warm fuzzies. Without further ado:

Look at that rooftop!

Look at that chalk art!

Look at that drunk loved one!

Look at those snacks!


Annnnd, we’re weeping.

People Magazine managed to snag some photos of their (obviously adorable) wedding cake here, which was comprised of one layer of strawberry Nesquick and chocolate marble with a bacon buttercream frosting, and one layer of Cheez-It cake with chocolate ganache, peanut butter and chocolate-covered Cheez-Its. Paging Christina Tosi. Steal this now.


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