WATCH: Which Mouse-Infested Hotel Hosted A Top Chef Finale?

Padma Lakshmi stomped the red carpet at the Time 100 Gala last night, and, courtesy of our friends at Gossip Cop, we caught wind of this little tidbit from a Top Chef finale of years past.

Apparently, during one grueling 5 AM season finale filming, Padma and co. were hanging out in production’s hotel lobby when they spotted a wee little mouse scurry across the floor.

“We were totally skeeved out, but luckily we had eaten already,” she laughed.

So, which offending city put up the Top Chef cast and crew in a vermin-infested hotel? Care to hazard any guesses? Was it just an sleep-deprived hallucination? Did this mouse slip under the toque of a finalist and control his mind via hair tugs to guide him or her to the winning title?

Check out Padma’s account of the story below.

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