WATCH: Top Chef Masters Get Sucky Waiters, Freak the Hell Out

Cater-waitering is no fun for anyone; Party Down and Francis Lam taught us that. But, if you’re pretty enough to land a job serving guests for any episode of the Top Chef franchise, then it’s probably best to get your shit together; those chefs be stressed. And they will yell at you. At least, Douglas Keane will.

Observe: last night’s Top Chef: Masters, which had the chefs cooking a surprise engagement party for Curtis Stone and his fiancee at the time, Lindsay Price. The waitstaff was probably stuck making endless rounds for daintily picking party guests, which meant that dishes weren’t leaving the kitchen in a timely fashion. And you wouldn’t like Neal Fraser’s doughnuts when they’re soggy.

Check out a few unfortunate, probably aspiring models on the wrong end of a chef’s wrath below.

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