Top Chef Has Come Under Fire for Filming at a Plantation


boone-hall-plantation-2The first episode of Top Chef: Charleston filmed part of its episode, the Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge at Boone Hall Plantation, a former cotton plantation which is now open to visitors for educational purposes, events, and to serve as a reminder of what happened there.

Lots of viewers weren’t happy with the location choice, and they took to Twitter to express their anger and concerns:

Tom Colicchio responded to the criticism, noting that slavery is part of Charleston’s history, and saying they wanted to paint a complete picture of the city. He also noted that, of course, it wasn’t their intention to be offensive.

Colicchio has responded to a ton of tweets over the course of the last few days. It still remains to be seen how or if they will address the issue the rest of the season.

[images via screen grab/Bravo]

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