WATCH: Roy Choi Calls Out The Food World For Ignoring Hunger Issues

Here’s the video of the most buzzed-about (and, we hope, incendiary) speech given at this year’s MAD Symposium: Roy Choi talks about the origins of his food truck business, and how it was a product, directly and indirectly, of the poverty, crime, and hunger issues plaguing Los Angeles.

It might be twenty-five minutes long, but it’s worth watching the entire thing through: Choi indicts the food world — chefs, consumers, and anyone with a penchant for Instagramming their meals — with obsessing over the aesthetics of eating while ignoring real hunger issues.

“What language are we speaking as chefs?” he asked rhetorically, pointing out that chefs have failed to use their natural authority to address these enormous social problems. “Are we just feeding the privileged? There’s nothing wrong with the fact that they can afford it, but are we feeding people just because they can afford it? We’re feeding a small populace, but we think we’re feeding the world.”

(Fun Braiser Fact that reinforces this point: the majority of our readership is full of high-income people with college degrees. Guess that proves Choi’s argument.)

Watch the whole thing below.

[h/t Madfeed]

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