WATCH: The 2013 White House Gingerbread House Is…Just A Normal Gingerbread House


In a year plagued by scandal, declining poll numbers, and ill-timed selfies, it was probably appropriate that the White House assemble a fairly pedestrian gingerbread mock-up of the Executive Mansion. (Last year’s gingerbread house was made out of a heretical material: matzoh.)

Are we at the point where even the gingerbread houses have to be non-controversial? Bill Yosses did a great job, and all, but this is a very boring description of a gingerbread house:

The 2013 White House holiday theme is Gather Around, celebrating heartfelt memories from American families across the country. Thoughtful hand-made decorations in each room of the White House helps tell a story. As part of White House holiday tradition, the State Dining Room is home to the famous gingerbread house. Over the course of several weeks, pastry chef Bill Yosses and his talented team created a 300-pound, edible White House replica. This year’s creation features a mini Bo and Sunny sitting on the front steps of the house lit from within, and a functioning replica of the North Lawn fountain.

The gingerbread house rests on a life-size, custom-made hearth fashioned from over 1,200 Springerle Cookies…These sweet treats tell stories through images imprinted on their dough by hand-carved, wooden molds. Framing the opening of the hearth are sugar paste recreations of the tiles commissioned for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireplace.

Psst. Time to wake up to watch the video. Don’t worry, gingerbread Benghazi didn’t happen while you were asleep.

[White House]

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