comScore GOP Group Calls Trump a Virus in Ad Miming Reagan ‘Bear’ Ad

Anti-Trump GOP Group Calls Trump a Virus in New Ad Miming Famous Reagan ‘Bear’ Campaign Ad

The Lincoln Project, led by anti-Trump conservatives such as George Conway and Rick Wilson, released a new ad amidst the coronavirus outbreak Wednesday calling President Donald Trump a “virus.”

The new ad targets the president over his lack of action in response to Covid-19 while mimicking President Ronald Regan’s famous campaign ad, “Bear in the Woods.”

Ahead of the new ad release Wednesday, the organization has run a series of critical ads aimed at Trump, his allies, and his adult children.

The ad titled, “Virus in the World,” begins, “There’s a virus in the world, for some people the virus is easy to see, others don’t see it at all.”

“Some say the virus isn’t that bad; others say its malicious…and dangerous,” the ad states.

“Since there are those who still can’t see it, wouldn’t it be smart, to tell the truth about the virus, since there is a virus,” the ad concludes, ending flashing a picture of Trump.

The Lincoln Project’s new 30-second ad is a reference to Reagan’s “Bear in the Woods” ad featuring a beating drum in the background – with the virus serving as the modern-day parallel to the bear.

“Just as ‘Bear’ called into question those who treated the then-potent Soviet Union’s military threat seriously, so too did Donald Trump and his allies behave as if the growing threat of Corona/COVID-19 wasn’t serious for over six weeks,” the Lincoln Project stated in the ad’s description.

“‘Virus’ is a successor to ‘Bear’ and asks the same kind of tough questions,” the organization concluded.

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