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Bloomberg Releases New Medical Records, Pushes Bernie to Do Same After Heart Attack

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2020 Democratic hopeful and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is urging presidential rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to publish the same detailed health records regarding his heart as the billionaire. 

Sanders suffered a heart attack last year. In a new report from CNN, Bloomberg campaign spokesman Stu Loeser ripped Sanders on not releasing the “same left ventricular ejection fraction data,” as Bloomberg did in his own health report. 

“Releasing this single scientific number about heart health could start to put to rest any concerns about Senator Sanders’ secrecy about his recent heart attack,” Loeser told CNN.

Loeser added, “Mike Bloomberg’s doctor shared Mike’s number. Will Senator Sanders ask his doctor to do the same?”

Newly released medical records were also distributed by the Bloomberg campaign to CNN, outlining the heart health of the former New York City mayor.

Sanders, who had a heart attack last year, had an annual health exam in July, which “included cardiac stress testing and a stress echocardiogram, according to a letter from Dr. Stephen Sisson at Johns Hopkins University,” according to the CNN report.

According to Sisson, Bloomberg’s left ventricular ejection fraction was “normal” at 60-65%; his left ventricular cavity size and left ventricular function were also deemed “normal”; and his exercise capacity was described as “excellent.”

In an October debate, in response to questions on his health and heart attack, Sanders stated, “We are going to be mounting a vigorous campaign all over this country. That is how I think I can reassure the American people.”

You can read the full report from CNN, here.

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