Brody Confronts Trump Over AZ Audit ‘Apparently Confirming Biden’s Win’: Are You Prepared To Accept Those Results?’


Real America’s Voice host David Brody confronted former President Donald Trump over the just-released Arizona audit “apparently confirming Biden’s win,” and asked him “Are you prepared to accept those results?”

In an interview Friday on The Water Cooler, Brody led off by asking Trump about the pro-Trump audit that even Brody, a die-hard Trump supporter, was compelled to tell him did not go his way — and even threw some of Trump’s own words back at him.

“Mr. President, I want to give you a chance also to respond to the news out today about this audit. Maricopa County, Arizona, the draft of the report done by, in your words, highly respected auditors is out, apparently confirming Biden’s win in the state. Are you prepared to accept those results? What’s your sense of it?” Brody asked.

Trump, perhaps not surprisingly, was not receptive:

Well, no, because they they just took a small part and they didn’t look at the real numbers. Now the numbers are going to be announced. The real numbers are going to be announced at four o’clock today.

As I understand it, Arizona is having a conference and they found many votes that were terrible, terrible votes. In other words, they found that they were false votes, phantom votes, whatever you want to call them.

So I have to see, because I’m not involved in it, I’m just watching like everybody else. And we’ll have to see what it is. The from what I heard, the report is a very strong report. But, you know, they wanted to get out ahead of it like they always like to do, whether it’s on Russia or Russia or Ukraine, Ukraine, they want to get out ahead of it. So we’re going to have to wait.

It said it’s going to be, I guess, Eastern Time. It’s going to be released at four o’clock. I’ve actually heard the results of the report is very damning, but they don’t want to say that. They want to get way out ahead where long before the report. I’ve heard the report is very damning.

The audit uncovered ” 99 additional votes for Biden and 261 fewer votes for Trump.”

Watch above via Real America’s Voice.

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