Twitter Ridicules Elizabeth Warren for Thanksgiving After She Blames Corporations for Inflation

Elizabeth Warren

Joseph Prezioso/Getty Images

Twitter users roundly mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday after she blamed private companies for rising Thanksgiving costs.

“Wondering why your Thanksgiving groceries cost more this year?” Warren wrote in the missive on Thanksgiving eve. “It’s because greedy corporations are charging Americans extra just to keep their stock prices high. This is outrageous.”

Inflation rose by 6.2 percent in October, according to Labor Department data, exceeding 5 percent for the fifth consecutive month and setting a 30-year record. The corresponding rise in costs related to Thanksgiving led NBC News to go as far as suggesting that Americans could save money by not buying turkeys — and by asking friends and family to help with the cost of food.

“Apparently corporations are 7.5 percent greedier than they were two years ago,” Josh Barro replied.

“This is like the text of a 419 scam email,” Paul Graham opined. “It seems patently ridiculous to you, because you’re not its target audience. It’s meant only for those dumb enough to believe it.”

Warren’s Thanksgiving commentary received more than 12,000 replies to the same effect — a number that exceeded her previous 20 tweets combined.

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