Fox’s Jessica Tarlov Torpedoes Co-Host’s Comparison of Trump Mugshot With MLK — Drops Brutal Arrest Polling


Fox News host Jessica Tarlov torpedoed a comparison of ex-President Donald Trump’s mugshot with MLK’s — then dropped some brutal new poll numbers on Trump’s alleged crimes.

Trump became the first U.S. president to pose for a mugshot when he was arrested in Fulton County, Georgia Thursday on 13 counts related to election crimes in a sweeping RICO case brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Upon its release shortly after Trump’s arrest, the mugshot immediately became the featured image on a cornucopia of campaign merchandise — and the subject of some intense reactions on both sides.

On Friday’s edition of Fox News Channel’s The Five, co-host Will Cain mentioned Trump’s mugshot in the same breath as those of historical figures like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which drew a flag from Tarlov.

She also delivered some bad news for Trump fans who think Trump’s prosecutions are being viewed as purely political, citing a brutal Navigator Research survey showing most Americans believe Trump committed a crime:

WILL CAIN: When it comes to the mugshot, you know, there are kind of two different types of mugshots that go out there in the world. There’s the Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, pathetic figure, mugshot.

And then there’s the mugshots that you see of people like Frank Sinatra when he was young or Janis Joplin. And these mugshots, which include people like MLK, these project a different image, not sad and pathetic, but an image of defiance.

And I think that what you’re seeing right there is defiance. And that’s the exact message that Trump wants to convey, because this is defiance in his estimation and his supporters and for much of America against a broken system.

JESSICA TARLOV: I don’t think, Will, to your point, that anyone except, you know, the biggest Donald Trump fans is sitting there thinking that that mugshot has anything to do with what it looked like when MLK had his mugshot taken, and that stuff about how much he weighs and all of that. I don’t like that kind of commentary.

I think it is completely useless and it distracts from the point here, which is that Donald Trump was indicted in four jurisdictions around this country by juries of regular Americans in New York and D.C. and Atlanta and in South Florida, where he calls home.

This wasn’t Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow sitting there. It was regular people who listened to the evidence that was brought before them.

When you say that people are rallying behind him, his diehard base is but the average American isn’t. There’s new polling out today. 62% think he committed a crime, including 67% of independents. 61% think that he must stand trial before the election.

Why? Because you don’t want to put someone in office who’s going to jail. And 59% think that the DOJ is being fair, that shoot straight through the argument that this is a two-tiered system of justice. I you know, if you don’t like the Joe Biden is fundraising off of it, you know, Donald Trump is doing the same thing. He’s having his moment. I’m Mitch McConnell. Even remember, you fundraised off cocaine, Mitch. People need the money.

WILL CAIN: We’ll find out. Time will tell if the public agrees with you this is not a two-tiered system of justice.

JESSICA TARLOV: I don’t think when they think of a two-tiered system of justice, they think of a white billionaire who tried to overthrow the election.

Watch above via Fox News Channel’s The Five.

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