Good News: New York Mother Finally Meets Newborn She Gave Birth to While in Coronavirus Coma


coronavirus patient released from hospital

A mother in New York, who delivered her baby while in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator, finally met her newborn baby on Wednesday once she recovered from the coronavirus.

CNN host Jake Tapper reported on the story, and explained that Yanira Soriano spent eleven days on the ventilator before being released from the hospital:

“I haven’t been able to deliver a lot of good news for you, but here’s one for you,” Tapper said. “This mother, Yanira Soriano, is meeting her newborn baby boy for the very first time today.”

Soriano was critically ill from the coronavirus and was put into a medically induced coma at 34 weeks pregnant. Doctors then performed a cesarean section while Soriano was on a ventilator in an attempt to save her and her newborn’s life

CNN’s Sonia Moghe also took to Twitter to share videos of hospital workers cheering Soriano on as she left the hospital:

Soriano was being treated at Northwell Health Southside Hospital, located in Suffolk County, an area of New York that has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

Moghe also noted that Soriano’s son Walter “tested negative for the virus.”

All patients who are placed on ventilators are critically ill, and many do not make it, rendering this reunion between Soriano and her newborn son particularly sweet.

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