GOP Congressman on Family Separation Oversight: ‘This Hearing is What’s Dehumanizing!’

Georgia Republican Congressman Doug Collins kicked off an oversight hearing on the Trump administration’s separation of migrant families by repeatedly declaring that the real “dehumanizing” aspect of the issue was the hearing itself.

During his opening statement at a House Judiciary Committee hearing entitled “Oversight of Family Separation and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Short-Term Custody under the Trump Administration,” Ranking Member Collins ostentatiously claimed to throw away his prepared remark in favor of an impassioned rant against the hearing itself.

After beginning his statement, Collins looked up and said, “Look, I’m going to stop. I’m not going to read this.”

He then launched into an ostensibly impromptu yet thematically unified rant organized around the word “dehumanizing,” which he used ten times.

“You know what is dehumanizing?” Collins asked. “Is continuing to bring the same witnesses, the same people from the same agency, to talk about this over and over and over again. What’s dehumanizing is doing that and not doing anything about it. That’s what’s dehumanizing.”

Collins then repeatedly claimed — falsely — that the House majority had not passed any bills dealing with the subject, and reiterated “Dehumanizing is this. This is dehumanizing.”

After complaining about the bills that the House has passed, he repeated “But what is dehumanizing is this hearing. What is dehumanizing is this hearing, where we’re going to talk about it again, and people come, and the folks in this audience, I’m glad you’re here.”

Collins went on to say that “This is becoming, unfortunately, a committee of press releases,” and that “Dehumanizing is taking people you say you care about but doing nothing for them. That’s dehumanizing.”

But Collins also criticized Republicans in both the House and Senate, saying “And even under us, even under the previous Congress, I’ll go ahead and say it before anybody else does. Republicans didn’t do anything.”

He also tore into Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for failing to pass a Senate bill that addressed DACA recipients “because it was something that would pass, but didn’t have everything else political in there.”

Collins wrapped up by saying “I mean this is dehumanizing, ” and adding “So here we go. The popcorn machine is ready if anyone wants some, it’s in the office over here.”

Watch the clip above via The House Judiciary Committee.

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