Hunter Biden Responds to Those Questioning the Prices of His Art: ‘F*ck Them’


Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden addressed critics of his newfound art career with some impolite language in a Friday interview.

“If you don’t come with the goods, it can be a really, really horrible experience,” Biden said in an interview with Nota Bene, a podcast about art. “I don’t do this lightly, and I don’t do it without the knowledge that there are so many incredible artists that never get the chance to find a gallery or share their art with the wider world.”

In contrast, he said, “I’ve gotten to share my art not only with you guys and other people that I care about, but I’ve also gotten to share it with the entire viewing audience of Fox News, OAN and Newsmax.”

Biden, President Joe Biden’s 52-year-old son, began selling his artwork this year for prices ranging up to $500,000. Critics have questioned the work as a potential venue for attempting to bribe his father.

Hosts Nate Freeman and Benjamin Godsill asked Biden whether he had anything to say about his critics. “Other than fuck them?” Biden replied. “I never said what my art was going to cost. I would be amazed if my art sold for $10, just because the first time that you ever go about it — is the idea that someone is attracted to your art, let alone that they would pay something for it.

“I do know enough to know that the value of an artist’s work is not necessarily determined by the price,” he added. “But the price is completely subjective, and sometimes has nothing to do with anything other than the moment.”

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